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Who We Are

Tahir Foundation and Gates Foundation Partnership


Dato' Sri Prof. DR. Tahir, as chairman of Tahir Foundation, and Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation entered into a partnership to improve the lives of the world's poorest. The partnership commits a total of US$200 million over five years with over US$100 million from each party. 75% of this fund will be used for work in Indonesia to help with the prevention and control for diseases like AIDS, malaria, tuberculosis and polio, as well as to combat infant mortality rates and support family planning issues.

The partnership with Tahir Foundation represents Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation's first major private donor partnership in Indonesia and will expand the focus of its work in Indonesia.

Apart from this, many of the companies within Mayapada Group have their own corporate social responsibility programs. For instance, Mayapada Bank supports education initiatives in the form of scholarships for students of various state universities

Leadership Team



Grant-making Criteria

We consider requests for funding that meet the overall Vision (hyperlinked) and Mission (hyperlinked) of the Foundation. We fund a variety of time-bound projects and collaborative activities.
While each of our programs have their own funding criteria and requirements, we adhere to the following general principles. We fund initiatives that:

  • Are substantially aligned with our Vision and Mission
  • Benefit Indonesia and meet a compelling need in our community
  • Provide services to disadvantaged, marginalized populations
  • Target root causes of problems
  • Take a long-term approach and include plans for long-term sustainability
  • Strive to collaborate with like-minded organizations
  • Work in partnership with our Foundation
  • Support realistic and evidence-based strategies
  • Result in lasting transformation by changing systems and structural barriers that hamper success
  • Have an impact that goes beyond the direct beneficiaries of the project
  • Are led by people with clarity of intention, who communicate with honesty and transparency, and who have the ability to follow our application process

Letter From The Founder




"A better Indonesia -- perhaps the best Indonesia that I could imagine in my lifetime -- has always been my dream, my vision.  An Indonesia where every individual has access to adequate healthcare and education. An Indonesia where every man lives with a high quality of life."




Tahir Foundation was born out of this vision. It is my and my family’s expression of gratitude and Christian faith. It is our way of giving back as generously as we have received.

Tahir Foundation focuses on education and healthcare. It fulfills its mission through strategic partnerships with leading public and private organizations, such as the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the Global Fund, including public health departments, community organizations, and educational and healthcare institutions.

We support educational institutes in Indonesia and abroad, to nurture the best and brightest of Indonesia. We bridge the gaps in health services, increase the capacity of effective organizations, and foster innovative solutions to persistent healthcare access problems.

We promote a culture of giving in Indonesia. We hope to nurture a community of generous donors committed to the improvement of the lives of the underprivileged in Indonesia.

I hope to inspire more people to, like me, dream of a better Indonesia -- and ultimately, a better world. You can change the life of one person, make a difference in one family, alter one community, or transform one nation. Join me in dreaming. Together, let us make Indonesia a better place.


Dato' Sri Prof. DR. Tahir, MBA