About Tahir Foundation

Tahir Foundation is a privately-funded organization founded by Dato’ Sri Prof. Dr. Tahir, Chairman of Mayapada Group.


Our vision is a better Indonesia where every individual has access to adequate healthcare and education that enhance their quality of life.


As an expression of the Founder and his family’s gratitude and Christian faith, Tahir Foundation aims to improve the lives of Indonesians by providing access to adequate healthcare and education, especially for those facing the greatest barriers to the advancement of their quality of life.

The core activities through which the foundation fulfills this mission include:

  • Strategic partnerships with leading organizations.
    We seek to support those who advocate and execute our mission by presenting new ideas and long-term solutions for an improved Indonesia.
  • Bridging the gaps in health services.
    We are especially interested in bridging the gaps in health services, increasing capacity of effective organizations and programs, and fostering innovative solutions to persistent healthcare access problems.
  • Donor engagement and promotion of a culture of giving in Indonesia.
    We serve as a catalyst in developing and nurturing the growth of a community of generous donors committed to the improvement of the lives of the underprivileged in Indonesia
  • Education.
    We support educational institutes to nurture the best and the brightest of Indonesia.

Our Values

  • Results orientation
    We know what results are important, and focus our resources to achieve them by designing and supporting programs based on best practices in the field.
  • Equality
    We serve communities in Indonesia regardless of their ethnic or religious background..
  • Collaboration
    We engage in strategic partnerships with public and private organizations, including public health departments, community organizations, and educational and healthcare institutions.